With it being Build week and there being loads of cool Blazor stuff talked about I thought I would do a news post this week. I've also been wanting to get some of my older posts updated to the latest version of Blazor, which I've managed to get done as well. So let's start there and then check out all the cool bits from Build 2019.

Blazor Bites Updated

I've spent the bank holiday weekend updating all of my Blazor Bites posts to the latest version of Blazor. If you've not read any of them before, they're the first posts I wrote about Blazor, just after Blazor 0.1.0 came out back in early 2018.

At that time there was no official documentation about Blazor. There was only a community effort called Learn Blazor. So I wanted to create some posts to help people understand the various areas of Blazor and get up and running as painlessly as possible. I've always tried to keep them updated as time has gone on but recently they have fallen a behind, that is no longer the case.

If you are new to Blazor then you should find them helpful, if you're more experienced then it's probably worth going straight to my more indepth posts about the various features of Blazor.

Build 2019 Blazor Roundup

I'm writing this on the final day of Build 2019 and it's been another great conference by Microsoft. Unfortunatly I wasn't able to attend in person by I've been watching the live streams as much as possible as well as various recorded sessions.

In terms of Blazor, there has been plenty going on with a couple of great sessions which I'll link below. There was also some interesting news regarding release schedules for the various Blazor models.

Blazor Sessions

There were two fantastic sessions at this years Build which featured Blazor.

The first was hosted by Jeff Hollan called Serverless web apps with Blazor, Azure Functions, and Azure Storage. In his session Jeff pairs Blazor with Azure functions to create a fully serverless full stack C# web application.

The second session was hosted by Daniel Roth titled, Full stack web development with ASP.NET Core 3.0 and Blazor. In his session Daniel builds out a full stack C# application using Blazor for the frontend as well as some cool new .NET tech such as gRPC and worker processes.

Blazor Release Schedules

At Build we also found out the offical release schedule for server-side Blazor shipping with .NET Core 3. .NET Core 3 will ship in September 2019, there will also be a couple of RCs being released in July and August.

Client-side Blazor is now in official preview but it will not be shipping with .NET Core 3, but sometime after. While we still don't have a firm date for client-side Blazor, in a Q&A on Ed Charbeneau's StateHasChanged stream. Daniel Roth (PM for Blazor) said he felt we may be looking at Q1 of 2020, but he was clear that it was a gut feeling and not an official date.